The Line-Up Continues

As promised, I've more ladies to show you.  This first one is Jenny Lind by Goebel.  Jenny Lind was an opera singer also known as the "Swedish Nightingale" and was one of the most highly regarded singers of the 19th century.  I didn't realize when I started collecting half dolls that so many were made to commemorate real people.

There are also half dolls that represent different countries.  I was lucky to find this one, a Hungarian gypsy.  She is extremely detailed.

Finally today is this Spanish lady.  There is an elusive model that I've bid on several times and lost.  This one is pretty in her own right but I can't wait to show you the other one!  One day, maybe I will.


  1. Do you plan to 'finish' these or will you leave them as a collectible in their own right? Curious mind wants to know....

  2. Love Jenny Lind...Goebel creates beautiful things. Loved seeing these!

  3. Your half dolls are beautiful. I just received a beautiful half doll from Deb of Mosaic Magpie which I dressed and gifted to my sister for her birthday. I am visiting from Susan of Plays With Needles. Creative Bliss...