With all the half dolls I have that could use skirts, I just couldn't stand seeing this girl with half her skirt missing.  I suppose she was a lid to a trinket or powder box in the past.  She came to me as you see her.

image 4
I bought this round wooden box at JoAnn's and she fits it perfectly.  I covered the box with lace and was going to cover the lid and use it as a raised base.  I may do that later, but I like her fine without it.
image 1
I decided the easiest skirt to make for her was a circle skirt.  Her arms are away but her right elbow is attached to the porcelain skirt so I made the side of the circle open part way down on the right side.  This made it easy to keep her sleeve visible and easy to work the fabric under her hand.  The skirt is made using two circles, one for the petticoat and one for the overskirt.  I sewed them together at the waist and gathered it through all layers to fit the doll's waist.  The small center opening in the circle kept the waist from being too bulky.

image 2image 3
I think she looks very pretty in her new skirt and no one can tell she was one part of a two-part trinket box.