I'm Still Here!

Three months since my last post and I still don't have much to say.  My problem is I don't take many photos and I don't do a lot of blogging about my personal life.  Dull!!  My DIL and Granddaughter, Ava, were here for the month of July.  It was nice to have some activity in this quiet life of ours.  Do I have photos?  No!  Candace Kling was here for a week earlier this month and we had 5 days of glorious workshops.  Do I have photos?  No!  I spent weeks and weeks getting ready for a giant tag sale I had on Saturday.  Do I have photos?  Why would I?!  I helped my DIL make a swing coat for Ava.  That turned out really cute.  Do I have a photo?  No!  I also made a couple of "sane" quilts for little ones in our family.  I had Jim take photos of those as proof I didn't read all summer.

Here's the "Dolly Dingle" quilt I made for Ava.  It looks lopsided in the photo but it's really nice and squared off.  The kits were photographed from a ladder hovering over the bed.  (I felt I needed to tell you that.)

Quilt 1

This quilt is for my niece, Bella.  I haven't given it to her yet and I don't think anyone in my Sister's family reads my blog so I am safe in showing it here.  Why don't they read it?  Because I usually don't take photos of nor write about things they care about! 

Quilt 2

Lastly, I did receive a 6" square from Allison Aller which definitely shows her sunny outlook on life.  Thank you, Allie.

6in Square 2

This is the square I sent to her.

6in Square 1