New 6” Squares

Earlier this month I received two gorgeous 6" squares from two talented ladies and I couldn't be more pleased.

Carolyn Phillips sent this beautiful Asian inspired square with the focus point being the hand-painted crane in the center. I so wanted to ask her to paint something on my square, as she does such glorious paintings, but I didn't want to influence what she felt like doing. Not only did she send the square, but she also painted these awesome pansies for me to incorporate in another project. Carolyn also included a dragonfly kit which I will add to my 2012 CQJP. I was doing the happy dance when I opened the package.

6in Square 11

6in Square 11 (flower)

Marie Alton, who has been my online friend for years, sent me this intricately embroidered square which has to represent hours of work. Her stitching is so delicate and absolutely precise and I so appreciate her for this work of art. Stunning!!! Marie also enclosed a pretty white beaded heart with red picots around the edge for me to use on a future project.

6in Square 10

Thank you both so very much!