English Garden RR - My Squares are Home

These are the squares that were embellished for me by other members of the RR I just finished. Thank you all for your lovely work. I still have one to do, but may just include these in my CQ book of 6" squares and forget about that one. There just isn't wall space enough to keep making up wall hangings.

Ing’s Work

Square - Ing


Arlene’s Work

Square - Arlene


Meg’s Work

Square - Meg


Kathy’s Work

Square - Kathy


Marya’s Work

Square - Marya

Meg's 6" Square - The English Garden RR is Finished

Having received my English Garden RR squares home on Saturday, and being as ready for the Adventure in CQ as I feel I can be, gave me the push to get Meg's square done. She graciously gave me until after the event to send it off but I'm glad to have one more thing off my mind. This square was the biggest challenge of them all to me as I'm not used to working with printed fabrics. Are there any tips out there for how those of you who use these fabrics for piecing approach the embellishments? The fabrics are so pretty in their own right that it's hard to come up with motifs and seams to put over them. I hope Meg likes what I've done!


A 6" Square for Arlene White.....English Garden RR

This RR is moving a little slowly so it's been a while since I've posted about it.  I just couldn't come up with an idea for this, so I just started putting flowers on it.  After I work on something for a while, I find it easier to fill in and give it a feeling of balance