The Line-Up Continues

As promised, I've more ladies to show you.  This first one is Jenny Lind by Goebel.  Jenny Lind was an opera singer also known as the "Swedish Nightingale" and was one of the most highly regarded singers of the 19th century.  I didn't realize when I started collecting half dolls that so many were made to commemorate real people.

There are also half dolls that represent different countries.  I was lucky to find this one, a Hungarian gypsy.  She is extremely detailed.

Finally today is this Spanish lady.  There is an elusive model that I've bid on several times and lost.  This one is pretty in her own right but I can't wait to show you the other one!  One day, maybe I will.

Kathy Shaw's Basic Crazy Quilt Class

In order to try to get back into doing crazy quilting again, I took Kathy's basic class. I really had to push myself to keep up but managed to finally finish the block. I was surprised how much I enjoyed doing it and that I learned so much. I also finished her required 101 intermediate course so am set to go for some of the embellishment classes she offers. Here is my finished block from the Basic class. The bow needs to go but that little area needs something and I'm stumped for now.

Thank you, Kathy!!


Half Doll Overload

I've been keeping really busy lately.  I've been slowly selling my website leftover stock on Facebook, taking crazy quilt lessons online with Kathy Shaw, and happily adding to my half doll collection.  Since I won't be finishing most of them, I thought you'd be interested in seeing some of them the way they'll probably be as long as I have them.  I knew when I started this collection that there were hundreds, if not more, but have been amazed at the variety as well.  I'm a collector at heart so am loving finding them, online currently, but looking forward to the doll show season to start.  
This first one is the largest one I've found and is 7" tall.  I can only imagine the difficulty the maker had in applying those pretty arms and sleeve ruffles.

This is one of the few I've bought that is finished.  Look at those arms and the wonderful hat she's wearing.  I would never have thought of using feathers and beads for a skirt. 

Finally today, this is a very nicely done reproduction.  She is painted like the antique would have been and no flowers, gold, etc. added by the doll artist.  I'm sure a lot of people would be fooled by her.  I guess that's where my doll making past will, and has, come in handy.  I am happy to have her in my collection anyway.

I have lots left to share with you.  Please check back!