Key Motif

It's been a while since I gave you a vintage design to embroider. Maybe you can come up with a fancier way to embroider this but I just kept it simple by using a split stitch in black to outline it and added a few gold beads. I've also included the design for the little spray of flowers. Quick but effective.

Ribbon House

After three years of being packed away in my basement, I've been reunited with an old friend I located there last week. Some of you may remember this little house. I entered a contest in Sew Beautiful magazine and won Best in Show which resulted in a $1,000 cash prize and a large layout on how to make it in two issues of the magazine. Besides a holster with cowgirl guns that I won from a Disney coloring contest when I was a little girl, I think this is my only claim to fame!

The house is my design and the doll and clothing were made when I was in the porcelain dollmaking phase of my life. This was such a fun project.

Shirlee's Asian Wall Hanging

Happy New Year!!

Last year I posted photos of the Asian wall hanging I designed and now I am posting photos of Shirlee's interpretation of the wall hanging in a smaller size. She did not do crazy quilting but went the route of lovely motifs using a combination of stump work and embroidery finished off with sequins and beads. I especially admire the lanterns. The photo may not do it justice as when you see it in person each of the motifs look so real and dimensional.

The photos of this wall hanging do not do the piece justice.