A Vintage Peacock to Embroider


Simple stitches and a few beads were used on this design.  I chose my colors in order to have them pop on the black background and didn't worry too much whether they were correct colors for a peacock or not.  My only requirement was that there be a little turquoise involved.  All of the outlining was done using a stabbed back stitch except on the gold area around the eyes where I used an outline stitch and straight stitches at the bottom curves.  The ribbon embroidery flowers and leaves are done using 1/8" ribbon and straight stitches.  Easy Peasy!!  I don't enjoy working on anything too involved...quick and dirty does it for me.

I'm not too sure what I'm going to do with this.  The mood just struck to embroider a peacock.  I think I'll do a few motifs individually and then join them somehow to make a crazy quilt wall hanging.  Black background fabrics throughout, of course!

I have provided a full size design for you to use – just click on image to enlarge for printing.  There is also another peacock in my design section if you're new to my blog.

Peacock Pattern

One Treasure Found

This little half doll pin cushion was in absolute distress when I found her this past Saturday at an antique show.  Only $10 made her mine and a couple of hours work made her over!  Her original wool filled pin cushion skirt is still intact for the antique purists out there but it is now camouflaged with a new skirt topped with a strip of antique ribbon work.  I can now enjoy looking at her and I won't be putting any pins in her anytime soon.

Pin Cushion

Challenge Square


This square was an entry for the annual HGTV CQ Challenge hosted by Nickilee Seavey.  I won Best Overall.  For a fee, we each received the same kit of supplies that we had to use on the square.  It was a lot of fun but somewhat disappointing as only a handful (7 or 8) of the 25 who signed up actually finished.  Those who did finish had some lovely squares when the challenge was met. Here are some close up pictures.