English Garden Round Robin

The past few days I've been embellishing a 6" square for the English Garden RR I joined on CQI.  This RR requires each member to piece six 6" blocks and each person in the RR embellishes one completely and mails them on to the next.  Since there are 6 of us in the RR, at the end there is one square left for the owner to embellish.  I will post photos here as we go along. 

This square is owned and pieced by Marya Blackwell.

Marya's English Garden Square

Butterfly Progression - Ready to Bead

With the butterfly still not attached, here is a photo of where I'm at now.  I didn't want you to think I'm not working!  All of the embroidery is complete and I only have beading to do.  I'll be saving the body to show you when I take the "finished" photo.

Butterfly Wing 14


From now on you can see Shirlee Fassell's fantastic stitching on her own blog which she started yesterday.  Be sure to follow along.  You won't believe some of the beautiful work she has coming!!


More Fabulous Stitching by Shirlee

As you may know by now, I'm a fan of my friend Shirlee Fassell and the beautiful and intricate tambour beading she does.  Here are her class projects from Ecole Lesage this year.  She got stuck in Paris during the volcano mess that shut down all of the airports so just had to take two classes instead of the one she flew over for.  Do I sound a little "green" with envy??! 

Shirlee 2Shirlee 3Shirlee 1