More Antique Textiles and Collectibles

This is a portion of a length of black machine made Chantilly lace that I purchased at an antique shop several years ago. The black threads you see in the background are holding the lace to its original backing of a course netting. The lace is 6 1/2 inches wide.

This is another fabulous find at a vintage textile show. I believe it was made as a yoke for a dress. The netting on it was not cut away but was cut from the outside in along the curve. It was never used. Some of the cotton netting was accidently cut too far along the curve so I backed it with another netting with tiny stitching throughout. This is a beading masterpiece with chenille roses and bows. The patience it must have taken is so inspiring.

This is the most fantastic piece of hand made antique lace I have seen. I spotted it from some distance at a show and it made my day! The yellowish color in the photo is a result of the scanner. The actual color is ecru. It is so unusual, intricate, and dainty. Will I ever have the heart to cut it??!

The vendor I bought these little ethnic pins from told me they were Scandinavian and made in the 1920's. They are hand made from suede and smooth leather and each have a pin on the back.

The ombre ribbon flowers on this piece aren't very vibrant but the basket, made of metallic cording and thread, is a super find. This basket is 7" high. If I use it someday, I will leave it as is and add ribbon flowers in the open areas without disturbing the originality.

This antique pin cushion is 6" wide by 11" long. The stuffing is so hard, I believe it is sawdust. It's amazing how these old pin cushions are so firmly stuffed! This pin cushion is covered with a pale yellow silk with a ruffle in the same silk. The lace topper is held on with a "common" pin at each corner with one in the center of each side. The hand embroidery flowers and silk ribbon set it off.

This little silk satin sachet was found in an antique shop where most of the things were heavy and included tools, architectural finds, etc. I paid a whole $2 for it. The scent is gone so I guess they thought it was useless - HA!!!

Last, but not least, for this round of photos is this antique flower spray of ribbon art. It is still sewn to it's original cardstock backing. The little buds are so sweet!

Antique Prints on Fabric

These antique pictures seem to be printed on a very light weight "canvas type" fabric. The colors are very soft but of a wonderful intensity and must have been stored out of sunlight. They are ~4"x5" and seem to be cut from a larger piece of fabric. I believe they are from the very early 1900's.

I have scanned them at a high resolution and have them available on Printed Treasures fabric sheets.

Lady Pattie & Miss Betty

Special Antique Textiles and Collectibles

Over the years I have collected (and sold) a huge variety of lovely items to use as embellishment on crazy quilt projects, as an item I just had to have, or something I purchased for a project idea. I'm often asked where I get all of the antique laces, embroideries, etc. that I sell and have in my own collection. Over time I will show you some of the special ones. Here are a few that you won't see every day or maybe ever again. Eventually these will be for sale as is on my website, incorporated into a project I am working on, or used as a focal point for one of my "ready to embellish" items for my website. I know a lot of people believe that these should be saved and never used, but I think that using an antique piece if handled carefully and respectably is totally acceptable and the reason they were created in the first place.

This first one is a large basket motif that is hand embroidered using silk thread. I was told it is French, and it is 7 1/2" wide and 8" high. I was lucky to find this on eBay.

Another basket I was fortunate to find on eBay along with four others (which I sold) is this 7" high all cotton lace beauty with dimensional flowers. They don't show up so well in the photograph but the one to the right has three layers of petals and the others have two.

This wide hand stitched lace is French and I bought it at a vintage textile show in May. The main design shown is 10" high and is repeated three times on the piece I have. It is entirely hand done on cotton netting using a tiny chain stitch including the gold metallic area in the scalloped center. The flowers have large beads sewn on top and tiny blue and white varigated seed beads highlight most of the lines. Again these don't show up too well in the photo. I think this piece was on a dress or other lady's garment as it has some hand stitching left along the top showing that it was attached to something in the past.

Last, but not at all least, are two cuts of Victorian woven ribbon. I have these two pieces left after selling the rest on my previous website. I bought the one with the pansy at a vintage textile show and the other at an antique show. Be sure to tug gently on antique ribbon, and some lace, at the ends to see if it has dry rot before purchasing. Key Word: GENTLY

To find these things, you have to know how to recognize old vs new because most people on eBay don't know and call everything vintage or antique. Be ready to do a lot of shopping whether it's sitting at a computer and searching every which way on eBay or digging through boxes at vintage and antique shows. Most of the time, I only find the ordinary but I keep going back. I spent four hours at a flea market yesterday and came away with two small packages of beads. Once in a blue moon, I get a treasure for a song. However, be willing to pay a premium most of the time as these people generally know they have something special. I never look back and am happy to have these lovely items for the time I do. Don't forget, cigarette silks are antique textiles too. Some are extremely hard to find now and others are getting there. I'm selling my collection a few at a time on my website.

Maureen's Cigarette Silks