A Surprise Square

My friend, Shirlee Fassell, stopped by today and brought me the following 6" square to add to my growing collection.  Her work always amazes me and I'm so happy to have this to include in my fabric book of squares.  Thank you so much Shirlee.

Shirlee's Swap Square

Be sure to check out Shirlee's blog to see all of the beautiful embroidery she has to share. 

A Trade with Candji

Another 6" square arrived for me today in exchange for one I sent to Candji Buckohr in Ohio.  I hope the photo does it justice as every part of it is so delicate it reminds me of what a fairy's garden might look like.  Thank you so much Candji for this little work of art.

This photo is of Candji's square for me.

Candji's Square for Maureen

My square for Candji.

Candji Swap Square

Now the topper on this exchange is that Candji just happened to have this pretty blue rectangle (only partially shown) lying around and she included it with the square she sent...another sweet and nicely embroidered example of her work.  Could this possibly be made into the cover for my collection of 6" squares?  I'll be sure to try it and, if not, it definitely will be made into a finished project.

Candji Rectangle

I've got to get going on the squares I have promised to others and I can't wait for the next ones to come home to me.