Round Robin

This photo is of my embellishment on a square for a round robin I am in on the Crazy Quilt International Yahoo group.  If you are not already a member, you should check it out for the photos and inspiration you will see.  They also have a monthly newsletter full of beautiful work, instructions, and ideas.


Vintage Peacock

Found it!!  I promised this vintage peacock design to someone (I don't remember who) once I ran across it.  You can download it and reduce or enlarge it as desired.  Straight stitches, beading or a combination of both will be easy to do with this design.  The original is really large and was used as the center of a vintage dresser scarf. Click here to view or download the pattern.


Butterfly Progress

Just to keep you up on how my butterfly is coming along, I have finished stitching the "seams" for the background and am building on that with vines going up each side from the bottom center.  The vines are green, but look pale in the photo. Fantasy flowers and leaves will be added.  Then I don't know where I'll go from there.  That's what a work in progress means to me!  Stay tuned.

Butterfly Background

Wings Finished!

It's been over a month since I've blogged.  I don't blog about myself and my everyday life (who would care?)  We did go to see Cirque du Soleil (OVO) last night and if you get the opportunity to go, don't miss out.  It was fantastic!!  That said, I hope you'll understand that I can't always be turning out finished projects.  Please keep checking back.  I've been working on a challenge block which I can't show you right now.  I'm also involved in a RR as well as working on some ideas for An Adventure in Crazy Quilting coming up next April.

All four segments making up the wings for my butterfly are finished and I have started doing CQ "seams" on my black silk.  I've found that this is my all time favorite way to do all of the fantastic seam coverings and, though it's not for everyone, I just love the way it looks and how quickly it comes together.  I wish I had started whole cloth crazy stitching a long time ago and worked it along with pieced parts such as the butterfly.  I'm even thinking of revamping my CQ 2012 to use black as a background.....we'll see.

Butterfly Wing 12