Butterfly Progress

Just to keep you up on how my butterfly is coming along, I have finished stitching the "seams" for the background and am building on that with vines going up each side from the bottom center.  The vines are green, but look pale in the photo. Fantasy flowers and leaves will be added.  Then I don't know where I'll go from there.  That's what a work in progress means to me!  Stay tuned.

Butterfly Background


  1. Your work is so beautiful Maureen, This butterfly is just gorgeous. Can't wait to see where your creativity takes you with this!!

  2. Reen:
    I love that you are working the butterfly on a black background, and I'm so looking forward to following your progress on this dramatically lovely piece.

  3. This is so awesome, Reen! I can’t wait to see it all come together!! Big hugs, Cathy

  4. Wow Reen! There are enough gorgeous seams here to drool over for the rest of the day!

  5. Reen
    Love your "seam" stitchings!! Can't wait to see what going to go onto that vine that is all around you piece!!

  6. Maureen ~ this is so beautiful and unlike any thing I have seen before. Thank you for posting the stitch pattern as I hope to try my hand at this soon.Hope your having a nice summer!