In the Pink

Pat, whose blog is Bird Nest on the Ground (, had a post about pink a few days ago.  I thought I would follow suit and show you some of the pink things I've accumulated along the way.  I'd love to see what pink items you can bring together to show.  Be sure to include your blog address in a comment below so that I and others can take a look.  Don't forget to visit Pat's blog as well.  She's a very creative person and a wonderful blogger.

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Pink 1

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grow your blog 2015

Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking part in the party!

My name is Maureen Greeson,  This blog is primarily to have a place to show what I've been working on.  My current obsession is collecting half dolls, very few of which I have finished into pin cushion dolls.  After an off year (2014) I am finally getting back into my favorite stitching, crazy quilting.  I find it relaxing as long as I keep it easy and quick to do.  My attention span doesn't allow for embroidery that requires a lot of time.  Somehow, I do manage to finish things.  Following are a few of my completed projects.  Please wander through some of the back posts and thank you so much for stopping by.

Pansy Wall Hanging

Japanease Wall Hanging

Wall Hanging


Half Doll Pink

Half Doll Green

Half Doll Hanging

New Year Redo!!!

My half doll obsession is continuing but I haven't been able to get past the proportions this doll ended up with. You'll recognize her from an earlier post where I mentioned having put her on a wooden form that I ordered when I bought the doll. It made her much, much too tall. I put her in the back row of my group of half dolls but she still stood there looking like Lurch in a silk dress and glaring at me for having done that to her. So, long story short, I took her apart and made her petite! What do you think?

Green 1 DSCN0083

I used a pattern for her pin cushion skirt based on an antique drawing. I streamlined it and, with her permission, I combined it with techniques from Shirley Bligh's pattern. Please click here for the patterns. I have worked out five sizes and it should be easy for you to enlarge the pieces or make other "in between" sizes if you need them.

Following are two more half dolls that I've added to my collection. Many of the dolls have beautiful, and sometimes elaborate, bonnets. The one on the left is an antique.  Her bonnet consists of three colors and she also has a snood.  This totally covers her hair in the back.

DSCN0089 DSCN0085

The half doll on the right was made by doll artist Hendrika Smith of Australia and was cast from a mold made from an antique.  The original probably only had a bonnet with feathers but Henny added the roses and gold high lights.  I hate to really call some of these beautiful dolls reproductions as they are more than that. They would be so much easier for the doll artist to do if they were, as the painting on an antique is usually more simple.  As you can see from the photo, the newer ones are more elaborately done with added flowers, decals, real gold, and vibrant paint. These newer dolls also take more firings than the antiques did in order to get the desired finish. I love the antiques for their simplicity and the new ones for their tasteful glitz...does that make sense??