Nicki Lee's 6" Square

This square from Nicki Lee arrived while I was away for a few days. It's always so fun to come home and have something beautiful waiting in the mail. I have admired Nicki's work for quite a while now and am so happy to add a small example of her creativity to my growing 6" square collection. I met her for the first time at An Adventure in Crazy Quilting in April and she is a joy to get to know. Nicki Lee has a wonderful blog, does beautiful lace dying which you can purchase through her etsy store, and is active with the HGTV Message Boards where she hosts CQ challenges and other activities.

Nicki's Square for Reen

My 6" square for Nicki shows my love for working with black. It has become one of my favorite colors in the past couple of years (non-color, some may say) and I'm anxious to start another project with black as the background. This one has mostly bead techniques on it and may look simple to you. It took me a hours to do as I'm not very prolific with beads.

Square for Nicki

Squeezing in More 6" Squares

It's been several weeks (months) since I've sat down to work on my little squares to swap with my favorite stitchers. Betty Pillsbury gave me this beautiful square in April at An Adventure in Crazy Quilting. Thank you Betty. I love it!! Betty also has a blog.

Betty's Square for Reen

Mine arrived in her mailbox yesterday. It was a real time disparity but I do try!

Reen's Square for Betty