Ribbon Doll Tutorial

She's finished and I hope you will take advantage of the free instructions I am providing (see link below.) These include a full size pattern that you can print. For those of you who want the doll available to you in kit form, please visit my website (see link below.)

The kit includes the ribbon doll on a fabric sheet with light weight fusible interfacing ironed to the back, 2 yards of 1" silk satin ribbon for the skirt and 1/2yard of 1" wide lace for the skirt bottom and bonnet. Silk ribbon in 4mm and 7mm are needed but are not included. You may also want to add some seed beads. At present I have her in two colors with more to be added soon - as well as smaller versions.

Click here to download or print the instructions!

Click here to order the available kits!

New Old Square

Here is a square I did some years ago. Since then I have "streamlined" the vintage ribbon doll pattern I used and wanted you to know that I am working on a free tutorial showing step by step on how I embellish her. Incorporate her in a crazy quilt project, make a pretty pillow top for your favorite little girl's room, frame her as the vintage ones were done, etc., etc. Check back often!!