Kathy Shaw's Basic Crazy Quilt Class

In order to try to get back into doing crazy quilting again, I took Kathy's basic class. I really had to push myself to keep up but managed to finally finish the block. I was surprised how much I enjoyed doing it and that I learned so much. I also finished her required 101 intermediate course so am set to go for some of the embellishment classes she offers. Here is my finished block from the Basic class. The bow needs to go but that little area needs something and I'm stumped for now.

Thank you, Kathy!!



  1. Looks wonderful!! The more I see of the blocks being done in Kathy's class the more anxious I am to take it too. I'm all set to register next week - can't wait!

  2. Your block is lovely. I left that block empty except for the requirements to give your eye a resting point before continuing around the block. An idea a PEI teacher gave us.

  3. quilting is such an art, we love the vintage feel of this piece!