English Garden RR - My Squares are Home

These are the squares that were embellished for me by other members of the RR I just finished. Thank you all for your lovely work. I still have one to do, but may just include these in my CQ book of 6" squares and forget about that one. There just isn't wall space enough to keep making up wall hangings.

Ing’s Work

Square - Ing


Arlene’s Work

Square - Arlene


Meg’s Work

Square - Meg


Kathy’s Work

Square - Kathy


Marya’s Work

Square - Marya


  1. Thanks for sharing these Reen! I just took a moment of my day to stop and look at each one close up ~ they are beautiful. Lot's of my fave french knots! I have a cottage print form Lilla I am going to start soon ~ this was great inspiration!

  2. Your book is getting really full.. I love Ing's fushias, the Arlene roses, the way Meg framed her silk, Kathy's lupins, and the way Marya framed her silk and did all the french knots on it. If I look again I surly would see lots of other delights!! XO

  3. Stunning pieces of textile art!

  4. Good to know about your blog i have seen your pics these looks really very nice i like it.
    Thank you for post..

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