Sharon’s Square

My good friend Sharon Benoit made this lovely 6" square for me. I'm getting to the point with these that my book needs to be started. I've seen quite a few fabric books and still haven't decided how I want to make it. After all the work the squares represent, I want it to be my best effort.

6in Square 5

My square for Sharon:

6in Square 4


  1. I'm glad to see your post, I was worried you might still not have power. What a storm huh? The blocks are beautiful! Can't wait to see pics of the book assembled!

  2. I thought about you in the recent weeks wondering if you had power or not. terrible storm for so early in the year. We are down in Florida now for the winter and none too soon for us.

    Your blocks coming and going are both beautiful. I would love to see your finished book someday.

    Say hi to little grandaughter for me.