An Idea for You

This lingerie bag was purchased by me last year at an antique shop. It was labeled as antique but I believe it is newly made out of antique fabrics. I just really liked it and did not feel it was overpriced. I think it is a fabulous idea for holding any of your soft CQ items such as ribbons, laces, etc. and looks so pretty hanging on a wall or over the edge of a mirror. Let some of the content flow over the edge for color.

Bag 1a

Bag 4 Bag 3

Please feel free to copy it if you like the idea. The bag opening is held out by an oval shaped wooden embroidery hoop sewn into a casing. The hoop in this one is 4 1/2"x 9" but try any size or shape for variation. All of the decorating is done on the front of the bag.


  1. What a really beautiful idea! I was even thinking, with that embroidery hoop idea, you could use a tea towel fabric for the base and it would be a cool holder for onions and potatoes for then pantry!

  2. I absolutely love this idea and have the perfect thing to use... I have a lacey faux vintage "morning wrap" something that Myrna Loy would have worn.. Of course it is 10 sizes too small but I keep it hanging in my bedroom because it is sooooooooo beautiful... This has moved to the top of my to-do list after Wichita... Hugs Gerry Krueger

  3. Im glad I'm supposed to put delicate ribbons and fancies in here for my CRAZY QUILTING!!

    I thought you meant for me to keep my LINGERIE in here! Only one pair of my big girl panties would fit in that dainty little holder!

  4. Hi Maureen. I am Sailaja from India. I just happened to visit your blog. It is beautiful. Thank you so much for the information you share on your blog.

    I have provided a link to your, Free Patterns, Motifs and tutorials on my blog here :

    I particularly loved the Ribbon Doll one. One of these days, I will try out for my little niece.

    Keep posting