TOUCHING BASE and Another Half Doll made Whole

Summer has come and gone and I've been less than good about posting to my blog.  I haven't been doing a lot of stitching but, if it counts, I think about it a lot!  I'm hoping this winter will be more productive, but no promises especially to myself.

My latest fixation has been half dolls.  I have quite a little collection going of both antique and new.  This first photo is one you've seen but I added a little embellishment to her skirt.


Next is a new one made by Judith at Chessington Dolls in Australia (  Check out the beautiful beaded skirts when you visit her website.  The little handmade roses were the first thing to draw me to this doll, but the face is always the final feature of any half doll that helps me decide if I will purchase her or not.

Green 1

Her skirt is made using ecru silk under Swiss embroidered cotton netting.  She was starting to look too bridal so I added a green silk overskirt topped with an antique motif that luckily also served as a pretty bustle.  The skirt was not made over a pin cushion but I used a wooden stand made just for half dolls.  Too expensive for my taste so I'll be making my own stands or pin cushions in the future. 

Green 2Green 3
I'll be back!


  1. oops sorry maureen, just saw the link it just didnt register the first time. I was into the half dolls some years ago made by one of my sisters, and have a pattern i designed for the base if you would like me to send you a pic.

  2. She is lovely! Looking forward to seeing the collection!

  3. I love your work and would like to have emails come to me, but I could not find where to sign up to receive them. Could you please tell me how to do this? Thanks

  4. Maureen so glad to see you! Love these 1/2 dolls!/