A Personal Challenge

Many of you already know of the Flights of Fancy website. Carole has an array of beautiful trims and accessories for crazy quilting. She also offers what she designates as the “Treasure Club” which is an automatic mailing of a coordinated group of trims each month. I decided to join and put myself outside my usual “style” and challenge myself to use all of the items (either wholly or partially) in one square. I’ve completed “December” and I totally enjoyed working on this.

BS 1

Here are some close up photos.

BS 2 BS 3
BS 4 BS 5
BS 6 BS 7

The January packet is here and I’m anxious to get going on it, but I have other things to do first!


  1. Your blocks are so beautiful Reen, the colors and treatments are amazing! I went over to the site and got lost there for quite awhile. Put it in my favorites!!

  2. gorgeous work!!!!!What a great challenge for yourself. Your block is lovely!!!!!

    Ann Flowers

  3. That block turned out fantastically!

  4. You certeainly did succeed in your challenge!
    The embellishments are gorgeous, the colors delicious. Yet another temptation to resist ;)

  5. Beautiful work! Absolutely stunning!

  6. It's lovely Reen. Plus, I saw that they featured you in their newsletter. I thought, "Hey, I know that hot Babe!!"