So Proud of Lauren



It's a natural thing for Grandmas to brag about their Grandchildren. I don't do it often, however, as I'm afraid it will become tedious. I couldn't believe how well written and imaginative a twelve year old can be until I read this paper Lauren wrote for school homework. Please read it and you will see why I'm so proud of her.


Tweet! The Game is in action and Emma passes the ball to me right away.

Take a deep breath.

I hear the “poof” of the ball, yellow as a highlighter, as it lands smack in the pocket of my lacrosse stick like an angry ram running into a wall. I run as fast as lightning into the fan only to find that I have lost my defender and that two new defenders had their sticks blocking my path to the goal like their life depended on it. I feel like SCREAMING. My heart is racing like a horse in the Kentucky Derby.

Take a deep breath.

I run my hand up my stick and feel the soft metal it’s shaft is made of. For an instant all I hear is the spring breeze rustling in the trees but then I hear coach yelling to me- the same thing repeatedly. “Give and go!” Then it struck me- I reeled around in my tracks and saw Mary, our best middy wide open! I practically catapult the ball her way and cut back to Mary to get the ball right back. The ball soars through the air like a bullet and into my stick in a flash. It’s all up to me now- will I score the point?

Take a deep breath.

I bite down hard on my rubbery mouth guard and taste its plastic flavoring, bitter as a lemon on my poor tongue. I step forward in front of the goal and bring my stick down hard like I was punching air in the face. The ball bounces once, hits the goalie in the shoulder, and…


I open my eyes wide like a bug and look into the evening sky, pink as cotton candy. Instantaneously, my team gathers around me- all smiles and full of high fives. Another point for Junior Division Green Machine.


  1. Go Lauren!! I certainly can see why you are so proud of her!! Fearless lacrosse and great writing.....

  2. Very well written! No wonder you're proud.

  3. Looks as though you have either a writing athlete or an athletic writer in your family! Either way, she is amazing!! Hugs, Cathy

  4. That was very good. I think you may have a writer in your future. She also draws pretty cards and is very well mannered in her replies.
    We still laugh at her calling the little purse Freda. I think she should find a prettier name.

    Cngratulations on having such a sweet grandaughter.



  5. Wow!!! Beautifully written! Do you think Lauren could come down to Baltimore and give Jack lessons?