Candace Kling - Such a Joy

This past weekend was one of the highlights of many years for me and the best workshop I've ever attended.  Candace Kling spent three full days teaching us about 1% of everything she knows about using ribbon and fabric to create beauty.  I have only this one photo to share as I'm not much of a photographer and just grouped a small portion of what I made during class time after I got home.


I didn't finish my trims and left them partially done but mostly not done in order to be able to follow along and recreate them.  I'll post some photos of finished ones later.  If you'd like to see a more thorough picture journey of the weekend check in at Susan Elliott's blog.  She took glorious pictures during the entire weekend.

Candace has been invited to come back next year for a 5 day workshop.  We just couldn't get enough!! 

Be sure to check out her website and click on the side links "Art" and "Links" to see her true love - sculpting with fabric plus more of her beautiful ribbon work.  Unbelievable!!


  1. I'm jealous Maureen!! The roses are so beautiful, I can see why you love taking classes with her!

  2. Wouldn't 5 days be fun.. Wish I could have joined you... I have been drooling over Susan's photos... Gerry K.

  3. Like Gerry, I too have been drooling over Susan’s photos...and now yours! I really would love to take several days of Candace Kling classes. Ribbon work has a great appeal, and what lovely additions to CQ’s... Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Cathy

  4. Hello Maureen,

    The roses are so beautiful, very wonderful!!

    LG from German, from

  5. You are a master organizer my friend! The workshop was wonderful. i think I might have to train for five straight days next year...And I agree, it was the best workshop ever!

  6. I would like to attend that 5-dayer next year!

  7. Reen, I agree with you about the Candice Kling workshop. I took her ribbon flower day and the ruching day on Saturday. Both days as well as the other four days were fabulous. I checked out your gallery and love the doll cottage. Could you tell me more about it? My e-mail address is Thank you so much. Gita/Gigi