Whole Cloth Crazy Quilt - A Misnomer - Part 5

In an earlier blog I mentioned that the saga of my large fan may have to be revisited. Well, it does!! The painted one was too "washed out" looking to use on this wallhanging. I'll just count it as an experience in painting with Shiva paint sticks and store it away. Maybe I'll need it some day for another project...Yeah, Right!!!

I decided to do a larger version of the two small fans using the same thread color for the fern stitch outlines. I redid the cherry blossom design so that there was a little less to embroider. This time I did them in silk ribbon (in this photo, I still haven't done the centers.) The branch and leaves were done using silk thread and regular embroidery stitches.

You'll see all these parts pull together soon in my finished wallhanging.

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  1. Wow Maureen ... these are beautiful! I've always loved how SRE jumps off of black ... and the outline stitching just finishes them so nicely!