Whole Cloth Crazy Quilt - A Misnomer - Part 4

These fans will go in the upper corners of my wallhanging. I made them as mirror images of each other as I thought having them done with different embroidery and/or colors would be much too much going on with crazy quilt stitches all around. They will be padded with fleece and stitched down using the fern stitch and the same thread that surrounds the flowers. I'd like to thank Carole Samples for unknowingly guiding me toward the design I used. I was thinking about how I wanted to do the fans one morning and that same day I got an email from Miss Carole directing me to an antique crazy quilt on eBay. The design was right there in front of me when I clicked on the link. Perfect!!

French knots, straight stitch, and fern stitch were the only stitches I used throughout. The original had another flower design in the middle and a larger variety of stitches were used. Have fun with it. It's such a beautiful design.

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