I use a lot of vintage embroidery motifs as well as design my own. I will try to share them in a way that you can utilize them yourself. As I do one I think you might like, I'll give you a drawing to download along with the names of the stitches I used. Along with silk ribbons, I always use lightweight threads up to a size 12 perle cotton. That's my personal preference, but don't limit yourself if you prefer a heavier, bolder look. This first one is for a square for a round robin with the theme of Autumn. The flower stems are done with a split stitch with fern stitch foilage. The flower petals are bullion stitches with tiny seed beads for centers. Oh yeah, did I mention, I like quick and easy!!?


  1. This is a wonderful new feature you are going to be adding. I have lots of transfers myself that are vintage and I prefer to do this more traditional type motif. Your work is lovely and your stitch descriptions helpful. Thank you.

  2. Maureen
    I love this vintage pattern
    I am so so glad you are back into the thick of CQ'ing. I just love reading your blog and visiting your store. Your laces can't be beat unless you want to spend the nest 10 years looking in various antique stores for finds.
    PS I never left a comment before so profile throws me I will pick one at random............