Silk Ribbon Bellpull

This bellpull started out as a crazy quilt project and is actually pieced. I put so many flowers on it, I ended up wasting all of my piecing efforts. It would have looked the same if I had used one piece of fabric. Oh well, what can I say!! I just couldn't stop.

As you can probably guess, I enjoy making bellpulls. No bells on them though so I guess they should be called narrow wallhangings. As a help when you make these and other wallhangings, I would like to share with you how I do the backings.

Since crazy quilt projects are so heavily embellished, I like to finish them off in a way that I can go back at any time and do repairs if necessary. I've had to do this twice for beading that wasn't attached properly. I always do the backing in two pieces. I seam the two pieces together for 2-4 inches at the top and the bottom but just baste the seam in between this stitching. Press the seam open. With right sides together stitch the backing to your embellished project all around the four sides. (Your seam will be in the center.) Pull the thread out of the basted area, turn, and hand stitch the opening closed. Press your sides from the front so that you can work around the embellishments and to be sure the backing doesn't show from the front.


  1. I loved this lovely bellpull. It is heavily embellished, perfectly it is my kind:))

  2. Maureen I don't know how I missed this! I have the hardware part of the bellpull I purchased from you years ago ~ This is a beautiful idea for it!