Motifs - 3

This embellishment was one I did for one of the squares in the Winter/Christmas round robin I was in last year.

The vintage holly motif was embroidered using a satin stitch for the berries and an outline stitch for around the leaves. I then painted in the leaves using Shiva paint sticks. This is the first time I've used these paints on someone else's work but I like the way it makes the holly look as if it's just lying on top. It took some effort to get the colors deep enough. I had a nice, large winter print waiting in the wings if I messed up the paint...Whew!!

Since Christmas calls for Poinsettia, I thought the introduction of some silk ribbon would be pretty. I got the pattern and instructions from The Silk Ribbon Embroidery Bible by Joan Gordon. I did have to reduce the sizes of the pattern on the computer in order for them to fit in the area I wanted them. A few sprigs of evergreens finished it off.

I did a seam using some flower-shaped sequins with beads in the center, some red beads to beef up the little green plaid fabric, and then added a Susan Clarke hand painted Santa.


  1. That does take nerve, painting on a block...not to mention someone else's! But it looks great. what a good tool to have in your repetoire.

  2. Maureen,
    Remove the skin from the paintstik and rub vigorously on parchment paper until you have a puddle of paint.
    Then use a stiff short bristle stencil brush and dip into the puddle and apply the paint to your fabric. If you want shading add a puddle of white and mix your colors.
    Linda in AZ