CQJP – April Square

It’s so hard to believe that 2012 is almost 1/3 gone. I have so much more spare time than I used to and seem to be accomplishing less. I’m pushing myself to keep up with the CQJP as a personal challenge and am enjoying seeing all of the work others are adding each day. Be sure to take the time to enjoy some of the beautiful crazy quilting that’s being shared. There’s no end to the ideas and inspiration you will see. Here is my April square.

CQJP Apr 2012

I found this vintage butterfly design on the internet. I thought you’d like to try it in your own colors.

CQJP Apr 2012 Butterfly



  1. Another great block.
    Your work appeals to me, it is so sophisticated.
    Great butterfly!

  2. I love that butterfly! Thanks for sharing the pattern, and your lovely example of its stitching. Those little bead flowers are a delightful touch.

    Can't wait to try my own variation

  3. I like that discription -- sophisticated -- and of course elegant!! Love the butterfly...

  4. I also love the butterfly. Thanks heaps for sharing it.
    Im only half way thru my April block. I seem to have run into a down time.
    But this little butterfly has got the creative thoughts running again
    regards Phillipa in NZ

  5. Your block is really lovely. Thanks for sharing the vintage butterfly pattern!

  6. Just love the flower butterfly. Very creative idea to combine the wings with flowers. Really enjoying your work.:)

  7. Thanks for sharing the butterfly! And Congrats for keeping up with the CQJP...! I still have hopes of completing 6 blocks by August...you know me...I'm hoping the next few ones I'm working on won't take nearly as long as January ;) BTW, I also enjoy that spray of red silk daisies...it looks like 2mm ribbon? Wonderful! Silk ribbon is well-played by your skilled hand, my friend.

  8. Thank you for sharing the butterfly. It is so pretty.Diana

  9. I've got that butterfly on my free pattern site too.