Six Inch Square

Lynn Schoeffler exchanged this fantastic square with me and I couldn’t be happier to add it to my ongoing collection. Thank you, Lynn, for doing such a beautiful example of your handwork for me.

6in Square 7

My square for Lynn.

6in Square 6


  1. Love them both!! the dragon fly, the black butterflies, and different stitching on each little white button on Lynn’s is especially wonderful. I am sure Lynn is going to be delighted with your charming and exquisitely "Maureen" square...

  2. Hi Reen ... these are both beautiful blocks! Amazing how much cool stuff one six inch block can hold!
    Hugs ... Marie

  3. Hello,
    I found you off Pinterest.I am just starting in crazy quilting.I enjoy looking at all the beautiful pictures and hope to be able to make one myself.