New Additions to My Vintage Stash

Shirlee and I had a great day yesterday at the Vintage Fashion and Textile Show at the Host Hotel in Sturbridge MA. This show is held three times during the summer and always kicks off the week for the world famous Brimfield Flea Market. The textile show is a treasure trove of vintage and antique embellishments for the crazy quilter. Of course, most people don't go with crazy quilting in mind but there's so much there to see that I just zero in on that. Here is a photo of the things I found. Lace is usually my goal but it's getting to be more unlikely to find at a reasonable price and I had such a good time just ignoring it and trying to focus on other doodads for a change. Other than privately advertising that I'm looking for antique lace, buttons, trims, etc., this is the best source I've found. Jim and I are planning a day at the flea market this's always a fun time and I know I'll probably run into Shirlee there. I usually do.

Goodies 1 (frame)

The ribbon chatelaine shown here was another find at the show. I bought it for the bone rings but now I find I like it way too much to take it apart. It still has a needle book attached with the needles still waiting for someone to come back.

Goodies 2 (frame)


  1. The chatelaine is lovely. I will buy things with the intention of taking them apart and once I look at them and imagine all the work that went into creating them, I just can't bear to take them apart. Lovely finds!

  2. OMG Looks like the stuff in my barn... Treasures for sure... Are you looking for a particular kind of lace...? I had a garbage sack full of barn stuff (mostly cotton crocheted) that I was going to toss but thinking I will cut it up and put it on e-bay

  3. Be still my beating heart! Oh what gorgeous finds - the ribbon flowers, the tatting, buttons, motifs and trims! You sure have nicer flea markets in the east than we do in the west! Hugs, Cathy

  4. We sure had a great day!!! I already put the sequins I got to work.. I ripped out some I had just put around one of my "circles" and replaced them with the new ones a perfect match!! Go tomorrow.. New England Motel field opens at 6am and Heart of the Mart opens at 9.

  5. What a chatelaine!

    Do you ever shop at Etsy? There's a whole separate vintage section. And it's all far cheaper than Ebay - much lower fees. As I said, I get all my vintage trims, buttons etc from there.

    I got a maroon velvet cushion with 9" fringe in mixed colours (green and maroon)that had obviously been made by a young child (judging by the sewing)- late 19thC, and it cost me about $20. The patterning and colour on the velvet is faded, but I still love it, and the fringe is magnificent!

    And so many other items! Go.....explore!

  6. Hi Maureen,
    Oh, some yummy finds there.
    I wish we had more places like that down here in Oz.
    Happy creating,

  7. I've turned green and I'm covered in drool.

    You lucky girl!

  8. What a lovely finds Maureen!