Candace Kling - A Master in Ribbon Art

Artful RibbonJust a reminder to you all that Candace Kling will be coming again this fall and will have more of her beautiful techniques to teach us. The kids will be back in school and the weather will still be pleasant here in CT. There are five full days of workshops scheduled, but you will have the choice of taking 2, 3 or 5 of those days. Please visit the website I have set up for everything you need to know about these workshops and visit her website to get an in-depth view of her talents. Everything Candace teaches can be applied to Crazy Quilting. She teaches the techniques in larger sizes than you may need but this is to give you the ease and knowledge of manipulating the ribbon, fabric, etc. Most things can then be reduced in size by you to incorporate into your projects. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn from the best.

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  1. I bought her book several years ago and it is one I don't lend out. I should plastic wrap the pages to keep the drool off :-)