First Wing Finished

Here is the beaded upper right wing.  I won't be posting the left wing and you'll see the butterfly again later on down the road.  So that I have something to post I'll work on the background some and finish the left wing on the side.  I still haven't decided what to do about the body.  Any ideas will be considered!

Butterfly Wing 10


  1. It's LOVELY! I really love how the delicate veining turned out and the added little bugle beads were the perfect touch.

    My suggestion for the body -- silk chenille with goldwork "stripes" -- and how about wired might be able to use some of that silk-covered purl for that.

    I also like how you cut out a white template so our eye only sees the wing outline...I'm going to have to borrow that one! Have a beautiful day, Susan

  2. Unique and very beautiful. Love it.

  3. Reen
    I see flowers as the body with of course a little bling
    Love Ya

  4. Beautifully pieced, Maureen! The stitched elements are lovely, and work so well together. And, BTW, Happy Birthday ! Lynn in SoCal