Butterfly Wall Hanging - Embellishment Started

After spending hours trying to decide how I want to embellish the wings on my butterfly, I've decided to show you the simple route I've chosen to take.  Remember, stitches will be done in mirror image with only minor differences. 

For the first step, I gathered a length of 1/8" (4mm) silk ribbon as I tacked it down to the edge of the scalloped area of the wing.  I then used size 12 pearl cotton to divide the different segments with a single line of feather stitch.  I'll revisit this area with beads later. Since my background will be black, I'll introduce black embellishments whenever possible so the butterfly will look like an integral part of the wall hanging and not just sitting on top.  On to playing with flowers - it has to have flowers!!

Butterfly Wing 2

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  1. Way way cool! What a great chance for us to gain insight into your process, Maureen...