Feather Fan

You will need light to medium weight fabrics for this fan (I used silk shantung) and a light-weight fabric for the lining (I used silk organza.) Click here to download a file with the instructions and a pattern. Cut one of panel #1 and four of panel #2 from your fabric. Do not cut your lining but use your panel as the pattern to cut after sewing. This helps to cut down on fraying. With right sides together place the cut panels on your lining, pin and sFeather Fantitch leaving open the areas indicated on the pattern. Cut out your lined panels, clip curves to within a tiny fraction of the seam, turn and shape each panel while pressing. Proper pressing is important for this fan. Use the point of your iron and go carefully around the seamed edge and use a blunt point, such as a knitting needle, on the inside to smooth out the seam as you press.
Using the printed fan layout provided, start on the right side and line up one of panel #2. Pin the next panel #2 over the open edge. Pin on  the final panels in this way putting panel #1 on last. Do not stitch the panels together until you finish with the fan bottom in case an adjustment in the span is needed.
Trace the fan bottom onto the back of your lining and place your lining and fabric right sides together. Stitch around the traced line. Cut out the lined bottom leaving 1/4" fabric allowance. Clip curves and make a slit in your lining just large enough to turn the bottom to the right side. Press carefully as you did with the panels. Lay this over the pinned panels and adjust the pieces to fit. Pin the bottom in place and appliqué stitch all pinned seams. Finish any embellishment now or after you have stitched the fan to your CQ project.
Note: You should think about the embellishment you want before you begin your fan. I had to iron the transfers onto my fabric before I cut out the panels.


  1. Soooooo pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Maureen, thanks for the super tutorial. The fan is very lovely as is your stitching. My wonderful order of ribbons and silkies arrived a few days ago and I love them all. You have a very lovely blog and I really enjoy visiting. Hugs Judy