Sharon's Beautiful Crazy Quilt

Sharon Benoit is one of my friends who join me here at my home several Saturdays a year to stitch. She has worked tirelessly on this beautiful quilt. Please take the time to study the effort she has put into it.


  1. What a magnificent quilt!!
    Thanks for sharing it with us...

  2. Hi Maureen!
    I really enjoyed looking at this quilt. I thought of you this week-end as I made a crazy quilted pouch for a friends birthday.... the centerpiece was a cigg print I bought from you many years ago at a quilt show.I tryed coutless times to get a good pic just before we left for the party and could not! My husband even tried ~ LOL!Tomorrow ~ SUN ~ after all this rain! Have a great week ~ Terri

  3. Your friend did a wonderful job on this piece of art. I love all the detail and appreciate the hours spent.