Moda Quilt - Another Oldie

This quilt was made a few years ago for a contest sponsored by Moda fabrics and I had to use a predetermined selection of fabrics. I made this quilt (50"x50") in less than 2 months as I was near the final entry date when I learned of the contest. A photo, not the quilt, were submitted. My quilt did not get selected for the finals and I have yet to be able to find the winners online. Entrants were supposed to be notified of the results but I never heard a word. I am not sure if the contest continues. I believe they were trying to set something up similar to the Hoffman Challenge. You may have seen this quilt in other venues, but it really needs to be on my blog. I used a combination of hand and machine embellishment.


  1. This is lovely! The inner lace border is a wonderful touch - it gives it a traditional, 'sane' quilt feel, but the CQ aspect is still very prominent. Very intriguing, this design! And you did all that lovely stitching in only 2 months?? Wow! I especially love the second last photo, the bird on the branches :)

  2. Maureen, I love every scrumptious bit of this quilt--thanks for the close up photos!


  3. DDG!!!!!!!!!!!(drop dead gorgeous!) Maureen this is so beautiful. After my commissioned quilt is finished and sent off I must start one for myself. You are an inspiration!!!!Thanks.

  4. It's an oldie but ravishing! So glad to get to see it. I wonder what happened with Moda?

  5. Oh maureen this is just beautiful. So many beautiful flowers and the basket of flowers is gorgeous. I am surprised that you were not selected.



  6. This is just intense! WOW! The incredible amount of work you have poured into this quilt! Beautiful!