Cabin Square

I did this little square several years ago as one of several for a quilt I never finished. I do like the cabin though, so I'll just hold onto it until I see if I can incorporate it in with something else. I bought a framed embroidery picture of this that was crudely done but sweet, copied it on the computer to get the design, and am giving you the drawing I gleaned from that. I worked the piecing with this embroidery in mind so planned where the blue went for the water, the surrounding colors and sky. My flowers are a lot of French knots in threads and 4mm silk ribbon with lazy daisy leaves worked in. The large flowers are gathered picot-edge ombre ribbon* with beads for centers. Just fill in all the spaces and it will resemble a lovely flower garden. Be sure to sprinkle a few beads in there too. The rest of the picture is worked with split stitch for the outlines and straight stitches. Seed beads outline the cloud. So easy!

I think I may have given this out in one of my newsletters when I had my old website, but you will be seeing several of those items pop up here on my blog as time goes on. There's always someone new out there who may get some use out of them. Everything old is new again!!

Click here to see Ombre ribbon that is available on my website.


  1. I loved this...It is a stunning work, Maureen.

  2. Maureen, I have never seen an embroidery pattern like this worked over several patches of a CQ block. This is so original...I love this idea!!! The pattern is wonderful, too...
    Thanks for being so generous...

  3. Hi Maureen, just wanted to thank you for sharing your patterns and expertise. Beautiful work! Lynn, SoCal