One Treasure Found

This little half doll pin cushion was in absolute distress when I found her this past Saturday at an antique show.  Only $10 made her mine and a couple of hours work made her over!  Her original wool filled pin cushion skirt is still intact for the antique purists out there but it is now camouflaged with a new skirt topped with a strip of antique ribbon work.  I can now enjoy looking at her and I won't be putting any pins in her anytime soon.

Pin Cushion


  1. You did a wonderful job with her skirt, Maureen! I'm going to check out your portfolio next.....thanks for pointing me in your direction!

  2. She's gorgeous! I couldn't put a pin in her either! She looks like a great muse...and you might be busier than you want to be real soon! Ha!

  3. The gorgeous little half doll is wonderful,. Is it an antique Maureen. Love whet you did with the skirt she is very pretty now.

  4. Beautiful and I have several 1/2 dolls - was adding the base or skirt difficult? thanks Mary in Texas