It's been over a month since I've posted. Summer slows everything down but I haven't come to a total stop. The CQJP is keeping me working at least in small increments. Here is my June installment. CQJP June 2012
I've also sent out three 6" squares this year. I'll share those photos here and will post the ones I receive in return as they come in.

6in Square 36in Square 86in Square 9
Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Beautiful! I would love to have a crazy quilt.

  2. Beautiful! I especially like the middle 6" square.

  3. Absolutely Beautiful! I only found your blog last month and love it. In your post from the Vintage Textile Show, you show some peach colored and some aqua colored beads/buttons. Any idea where I can find some of those, or did I miss out?
    Nimble Fingers to you:)
    Lady Locust

  4. Oh my goshness! Reen! These are stunning! Not sure which one is my favorite but..but.. I'll say #3 for right now - simply Gorgeous!

    Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  5. Oh, Maureen, Your blocks are exqusite. I could seat and look at them for hours. They're just a "feast" for the eyes. Your doing 6" blocks? How do you put just the right amount of stitches and SRE on a 6" block ? Do you have any advice for stichers like me that realy struggle with this medium of CQ? Nevertheless they are so gorgeous.
    All the best........

  6. Hi again. I was showing your blocks to DH, and of course, he thought they were beautiful. I wanted to ask you, do you choice a large item first and then work around it? Like a focal point? Many thanks and I'll leave you to have a wonderful Sunday.

  7. so pretty and just found your site, yahoo.