Online Classes Starting Next Week!

There are 3 wonderful online classes starting this next week and I hope you will join in the fun. “Bead Encrusted Cabochons/Buttons” is beginning on March 15 and will consist of 3 lessons. The following are photos of some of the cabochons Kathy has done for me. They are so pretty, I just don’t know where I’m going to use them. I’m like that with things I really love as I feel something more worthy will come along to show them off. I’ll make myself use at least one on my CQJP squares. Hmmm! Which one will I part with!!! “Gee, Reen, it will be right here on the wall!” Be sure to notice the 2 antique buttons.


Cabochon 1 Cabochon 2
Cabochon 3 Cabochon 4
Cabochon 5 Cabochon 6

Cabochon 7

Kathy has another class entitled “Soft Sculpture Appliqué” starting on March 15. The little Teddy Bear featured will teach you the soft sculptured technique Kathy has perfected. Don’t just look at the little bear and think “Baby,” look at the entire design and think “I can use this technique in other ways to enhance my CQ project.” So many other motifs can be designed with this 3-dimensional idea.

Shaw Teddy Detail

“Seed Bead Botany” with Nancy Eha is beginning on March 14. Her first week of instruction has been mailed to me and all I can say is “If you want to learn beading, learn from one of the best.” This class is going to give you so much inspiration and so many ideas!

Eha Detail

My entire listing of upcoming online classes can be found by clicking here.

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