February CQJP Block

Finished a few weeks ago, I’ve been waiting for February to arrive to show you this month’s block. As I said last month, this is a continuous quilt so there will be portions that may look a little strange. These areas will be left for the large flower baskets.

CQJP Feb 2012

Gerry Krueger (Older Rose blog) embroiders the most beautiful birds and always shares her techniques so openly. Using her method for embroidering birds on felt, I made my first effort for February’s block. I picked a simple drawing and I found the most difficult parts were getting the stitches to go in the right direction (good but not great) and cutting the darn thing out. I did snip a few threads but I used a dab of the “dreaded glue” to work them right back into place. I think this motif has a little vintage quality to it. I’m including a drawing here for you to try it if you like as well as a floral motif I did on the same block.


Bird Pattern


Flower Pattern


  1. I just love this bird... you did a great job of making him look vintage. I also love your butterflies and the silk embroidery..

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Love your bird - I'm going to have to try and make one one of these days.

  3. It's beautiful! I love your bird!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Maureen!! This quilt will be such a treasure I bet! I LOVE the bird! Thank you for sharing the patterns! I actually have a block i'm working on for a rr that this will work perfectly for! :)