Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012

In 2010 I signed on to do a crazy quilt to be finished by 2012. Well, I didn’t get very far. When Kathy Shaw came up with the Crazy Quilt Journal Project for 2012, I decided to work on the quilt I already started. So, if all goes well, it will actually get completed (or mostly completed) by the end of 2012. To keep up, every one who registered for the CQJP is required to submit a photo of work done for each month. The area done must be at least 6” x 6”. Since I prefer to do crazy quilts that are one continuous piece (not squares sewn together) I will work on and photograph an area each month that fits the dimensions required or larger. Here is January (we were permitted to start on this in November) along with a photo of what I have completed so far.

CQJP Jan 2012

CQJP Corner CQJP Overall
As you can see, I embellish as each area is pieced. I have already completed 5 large baskets with silk ribbon embroidery flowers that will the centerpieces of the quilt. Because I used various colors for these, the use of some of these colors in the individual outer areas may seem a little off. So, you will see orange, pink, blue, purple, etc. in areas that you may think “garish”. I’m just hoping it all looks balanced both in design and color when it’s finished.

Here is a close-up of one design element, followed by the pattern.

CQJP Jan 2012 Orange Flowers



  1. Beautiful work, as always, Maureen. You sure have a delicate, feminine touch to your work. I always enjoy looking at it! Happy New Year, Cathy

  2. I just love your work Maureen, and proud to be the owner of some of it. thank you for sharing, looking forward to seeing your progress. Like the idea of just patching and stitching as you go.


  3. Now you're ahead of me Reen, I have a couple things to finish then I can get my first square done. Your work is so beautiful! I love the pattern. I've never done cq the way you have, but love the idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This will be my first quilt, but I'm intrigued with your process of embellishing each pieced portion before adding the next. I would think that would require having planned all the embellishing before the first stitch is made.I must admit I haven't thought that far in advance.
    Love your design, and how you've created it on this piece: it's delicate and feminine, and everything seems to go together so well.

  5. Always enjoy seeing your stitching Reen - so inspiring.

  6. Great idea to finish your quilt that way!
    I'm sure I will enjoy watching your progress.

  7. Your work is so inspiring, Reen. And I don't think the word "garish" has a place in your universe. I will love watching this quilt unfold...

  8. Yeah! You are the only other person I know that prefers to make a whole crazy quilt, not blocks sewn together. I thought I was strange, now I know I am in good company...alright, I could still be a bit strange,LOL.
    Hugs and Happy New year!

  9. Boy your MUSE is really working on overdrive. What a beautiful beginning. And I'm with Allie, I don't think garish will ever enter your world. I too will be doing the CQJP -- just not sure where it will take me just yet.

    Happy New Year...xo Susan

    P.S. I like that key...

  10. How do you handle the bulk of the work when you do it whole cloth? And it is beautiful already. Thank you for the pattern also

  11. Oh, well this is just stunning! The circles of flowers are beautiful

  12. Such a beautiful blog that you have! I just downloaded your arm chair caddy sewing pattern and wanted to tell you thank you so much for sharing it with us!

    Cathy ♥