Wisteria from Four Seasons Wallhanging

In the April and July 2006 issues of the CQ Magazine, I had photos of my Four Seasons Wallhanging. Since then, it's been packed away in the UFO drawer with little hope of being finished. I took it out this year and have started working on it again...hopefully I can show it to you finished. This wisteria was one of the first embroideries I did on it in 2006 and I hope that you can make use of the design. Chain stitch, lazy daisy, and French knots with some beads added, are the only embroidery stitches you'll need.

WisteriaWisteria Pattern


  1. This is just BEAUTIFUL - looks like you're outside and looking through the wisteria at a lace covered window!!! Awesome stitching!

  2. Hi Maureen:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful wisteria CQ, and the pattern to make it!!!

    I have two wisteria just outside my dining room window where I can see see them all the time. The fragrance is intoxicating.

    Here in southern California, in the small community of Sierra Madre, there is an amazingly huge wisteria that covers, I've heard, an acre, half-acre? One plant! Now, as I tend toward hyperpole, I could be wrong about the exact size...but it is BIG! LOL!!

    Thank you!!!


  3. OMGG I just went and checked CQMag and saw your Four Seasons Wallhangings and yes I can't wait to see this beautiful creation finished! WOW!!!

  4. What a lovely design and lovely of you to share it with us. I love the use of the beads, it really gives depth to the flowers. Thank you, Dianne

  5. So beautiful... I adore wisteria!!!


  6. Maureen, Love your Wisteria and thanks for the pattern. EllenP

  7. Ooh I love this one! Wisteria is my favorite, I'm so excited about this. Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be linking.

  8. I love Wisteria and so does my mum. I think I'II make this for Mother's Day. Thanks Leah

  9. Maureen..I love your work! It is spectacular! I tried my hand at your wisteria on a block that I made for my MIL in April as a birthday gift. You can find it on one of my older posts on my blog. I hope my work measures up to being at least half as good as yours. You truly inspire me!

    Welcome to the HGTV Quilting Forum, by the way! I am Quiltaholic...:)

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this design. I will be using it on a series of vintage Lingerie I'm working on(just started the embroidery)..but Come by for a peek if you'd like to see what I have in mind.
    Happy Easter wkend!
    Kristine :)