Ribbon House

After three years of being packed away in my basement, I've been reunited with an old friend I located there last week. Some of you may remember this little house. I entered a contest in Sew Beautiful magazine and won Best in Show which resulted in a $1,000 cash prize and a large layout on how to make it in two issues of the magazine. Besides a holster with cowgirl guns that I won from a Disney coloring contest when I was a little girl, I think this is my only claim to fame!

The house is my design and the doll and clothing were made when I was in the porcelain dollmaking phase of my life. This was such a fun project.


  1. Beautiful... must have taken you hours! Your flowers are really special... thanks for sharing.

  2. Maureen this is very very sweet! I never saw it in the original magazine so CONGRATULATIONS! It IS an award winner -- I love all the little details you added to make it a true garden shed. Like the tiled roof too. And your porcelain doll face is just amazing.

  3. This is absolutely exquisite, Maureen!!!
    No wonder you won best in show!

  4. Maureen, this is delightful! Of course with my background of dolls in my life, I fell in love with the house/closet/doll case immediately! I wonder, did you use cardboard for the 'sturdy' part of the house to hold it's shape? I just might have to make something like this for a 7 yr. old great grandaughter! Thanks for shareing it!

    Carol Lindberg cinez123@aol.com

  5. Maureen:

    I've been looking on eBay for a vintage steamer trunk doll case, and so, as you can imaging, I love this little piece. Just adorable!!!


  6. Dear Maureen; A doll collecting friend sent me a link to your blog, which is beautiful. I love this ribbon house and the darling doll. What beautiful work. I'm a stay at home mom too, with my only child having fled the nest a year ago. How do you make time for these things? I mustn't be very organized! I love to collect dolls and I love to sew. Please come and visit me when you have a moment!