CQ 2012 Challenge

I should have explained more about the chart I did for my wall hanging. The design is my own and the diamond shape* was cut from a 10" square piece of paper. Each diamond will have a basket of flowers if all goes as planned. The designs for the baskets are from vintage embroidery transfers. I made changes to them all as in some I loved the basket but not the flowers. I added more flowers, some bows, and various "stray" designs to help them fill in the diamonds fairly equally. I will be saving some of the designs to publish in the CQ Magazine. Eventually, the whole quilt will be here on my blog.

*To get this design, I folded the 10" square of paper into quarters and then once more into a triangle (like a snowflake you might have made as a child.) Here are drawings of how I cut it.

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  1. ahhhhhhh...now I get it...pretty nifty idea there Ms. Reen